Cornerstone Christian Church was founded with several specific goals. One core issue for the founding members and leaders was the whole-hearted support of missions. To this end from the first meeting, the decision was made to give half of all general funds received by the church to support missions and missionaries, both at home and abroad. The first committee established for our small band of Christians was the Missions Committee, elected to select the missions we would support from day one forward.

Our selections have always included both local and foreign missions, a mix of people working for God’s kingdom in our community and others around the world.

We have seen God do amazing things at Cornerstone as a result of our strong commitment to missions. We have been able to support missions locally and worldwide by monthly and one-time gifts. In addition to the Missions Committee taking the responsibility to disburse these funds wisely, we also do mission trips and all members of the church are invited to join. In our first eleven years we have sent short term mission groups to India, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Tanzania, Australia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.

We also support a number of local missions that minister to underprivileged children, new refugees, foreign students temporarily in the US; men, women and families in need due to chemical dependency, or after incarceration; and sex trafficking victims. All of these local missions need additional help periodically. If you have an interest in working directly with any of these ministries, the Missions Committee members or the church staff will be happy to help you connect with the type of group or ministry that touches your heart.

We have just printed a new booklet with detailed information about many of the missions that Cornerstone Christian Church currently works with. This beautifully illustrated booklet is a useful aid to the members who turn the pages and visualize the missions and missionaries they can lift in prayer each week.